ImpactGuides™ are a highly effective, high-impact brand-marketing product specifically designed to keep your customer's attention, day-in and day-out, year after year. Your brand and message – strategically placed alongside indispensable tips, tricks and shortcuts – will always be on display generating up to tens of thousands of
impressions over the life of the ImpactGuide™.

ImpactGuides™ are an innovative marketing concept based on a proven retail product line with a 30+ year successful track record. Each ImpactGuideTM implementation focuses on a subject or area of interest that directly caters to the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. Titles such as Kitchen Math and First Aid for the general consumer. Or, software and professional development titles for the business user. With over 500 titles and 23 subject categories to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Each ImpactGuide™consists of two virtually indestructible laminated pages connected by our proprietary ClearkoteTM Lay-Flat Slotted Hinge. Brand advertising is optimally positioned alongside the content so as to always be visible to the reader. This delicate balance between advertising and content is one of the reasons why customers keep, use and value ImpactGuidesTM for so many years. The average ownership of an ImpactGuide is a whopping 7.2 years!

ImpactGuides™ is a co-op brand-marketing program. Like-minded advertisers that share a common goal for affordable long-term brand marketing are brought together for mutual benefit. Because each ImpactGuides™ Super Quick Reference Guide is compact and user friendly, your brand won't get lost, forgotten or discarded like it would with other advertising solutions. Long-term co-op brand marketing with ImpactGuidesTM is one of the most cost effective branding solutions available today. For only pennies per month you can have your brand prominently and permanently displayed in front of your target audience.